Amazon enters the artificial intelligence race with Bedrock

Digital giants such as Microsoft, Google and Facebook have already positioned themselves on the artificial intelligence market with their respective services: ChatGPT, Bard and LlaMa. Only Apple and Amazon were missing to complete the picture. Today, Amazon is making its debut with Bedrock, a new cloud service that aims to be comprehensive and innovative. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of this new artificial intelligence offering and find out how Amazon plans to stand out from its competitors.

Accessibility and partnerships

For now, Bedrock is still in the testing phase and is only available to a few enterprise customers, including Accenture, Deloitte and Pegasystems. Other interested companies must join a waiting list for a chance to try it.

Unlike its rivals, Amazon has chosen to rely heavily on artificial intelligence models developed by other companies. Bedrock provides access to the language models of start-ups AI21 and Anthropic.

Language skills with AI21

AI21 templates allow for text generation in a variety of languages, not just English, providing international reach and increased language flexibility for Bedrock users.

A specialized chatbot with Anthropic

Anthropic, a start-up in which Google has already invested several hundred million euros, offers a long-memory language (LLM) model that allows Bedrock users to access Claude, a chatbot specialized in word processing.

Synergy with Stability AI

Amazon has also partnered with startup Stability AI, whose LLMs can turn text into images. Thus, Bedrock users have a suite of tools capable of generating both written content and images, making this artificial intelligence one of the most complete on the market.

The Titan internal model

In addition to partnerships, Amazon has developed Titan, a set of LLMs implemented by its Amazon Web Services division, in-house. Titan offers the same features as GPT, such as text summarization, information extraction and question and answer, as well as an additional option: translation of text into HTML representation.

Amazon takes privacy seriously

Regarding privacy, Amazon said that information submitted by users will not leave their Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and will not be used to train language models. This is crucial, considering that data protection is a major concern for artificial intelligence users today.

The key role of artificial intelligence for Amazon

After a period of decline, Amazon is counting on artificial intelligence to rebound and position itself as a key player in the field. Bedrock’s development and partnerships with innovative start-ups show that the firm is determined to succeed in this growing market.

In short, Amazon is preparing to revolutionize the artificial intelligence market with Bedrock. By combining the strengths of promising start-ups and developing its own models, the company is trying to differentiate itself from major competitors. Only time will tell if this strategy pays off, but one thing is for sure: Amazon is not about to be left behind in this innovation race.

Amandine Carpentier

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