Which strategies to define for digital marketing?

digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing allows you to position your content in order to acquire an audience, customers, and make sales on the web. Let’s see how you can make yourself known on the web and the digital marketing strategies to adopt to develop your online business.

What are the free levers?

To begin with, it is more useful to promote yourself for free on the web, for several reasons. The first one is written just before: it’s free! Obviously, it takes a little more time, but know that optimizing your content through SEO will allow them to be present online in the long term.

It’s a lot of work to start with, but it will make it easier for you to appear in searches, because you will have worked on your SEO.

How to be referenced naturally on the web?

The optimization of your contents and your sites in order to be referenced passes by:

  • Create content with specific keywords. There are sites that allow you to identify the keywords that you should include in your content depending on the subject. Thus, during a search, you can appear in the first results if the work is well done.
  • Optimize your website: having a fluid, well done and simple website will also allow you to have a better referencing on the web.

This marketing lever is a long-term investment in time and will allow you to increase customer loyalty.


If we have talked about free strategies, it is because there are, of course, paid strategies: advertising.

When you pay to attract an audience, you target the people you want to bring to your offer according to your avatar (also called ideal customer)

Be careful, this requires to make an attractive advertisement, to know the keywords that your target can type during its research on the web to convert a maximum.

Using social networks as a marketing strategy

Social networks are on the rise. They are now almost indispensable to build or expand your audience. You can develop a nice qualified community on social networks. It would be a shame to do without it, especially since it is a fairly easy and quick way to get good results.

What strategy to adopt on social networks?

It is necessary to create regular content, i.e. several times a week so that your audience does not forget you. Don’t hesitate to ask her audience what kind of content she would like to see on your profile.

You can also attract new people by doing paid advertising, which will bring you new visitors when you launch your offer.

Last important lever: emails

If you have collected the email addresses of your audience, it is very interesting to communicate with them by email. This means of communication allows you to address each person directly and to build loyalty. This way, you can create different, more personal content, announce the publication of a new content, initiate a new offer and sell it, by email.

Web marketing: how to attract prospects, convert them into customers and build loyalty?

Whatever the web communication strategy implemented by a company, setting clear, precise and measurable objectives is an essential issue. It is even one of the most important steps of the web strategy, because it is what will allow to establish a roadmap.

It is therefore advisable to set up a web campaign as a well-defined itinerary in which the objectives to be achieved are established, a sort of mandatory stopover that will lead to the final victory.

How to set the objectives of a marketing campaign? What are the main objectives of a web marketing campaign? Follow our guide!

How to set the objectives of a web marketing campaign?

webmarketing strategy

This goal setting allows you to establish a well defined action plan. Therefore, it is important that the objectives of a digital campaign are not a long list of intentions, but qualitative and quantitative actions.

The miracle recipe seems to lie in what communication professionals call: SMART objectives. This abbreviation means :

  • Specific: your objectives must be precise, clear and adapted to the customers and the target you wish to reach.
  • Measurable: the objective must be quantifiable, i.e. the results must be quantifiable and objectively verifiable, e.g. increase the sales of the company’s products by 5%.
  • Achievable: the objectives must be achievable in the short or medium term.
  • Realistic: the objective must be relevant and take into account the financial means made available by the clients, the state of the market, the competition, etc.
  • Temporal: it is important to define deadlines, deadlines and a schedule.

What are the main objectives of a web marketing campaign?

Web marketing campaigns have 3 main objectives:

Objective 1: Increase awareness

It is a question of making known the company, its activity, its products or services while giving it a positive and sympathetic image. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to implement certain actions that will increase the visibility of the company and therefore its reputation.

Possible digital marketing actions:

  • Display (purchase of advertising banners on the Internet),
  • buying keywords on Google,
  • Buying advertising on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube…),
  • creating content on the company’s web page, paying particular attention to the definition of certain keywords that will answer specific questions that prospects may have,
  • the continuous animation of its social networks.

These actions will increase the rate of web traffic of the company, expand its audience and its visibility and therefore, ultimately, increase its reputation.

Objective 2: Increase sales

Now that the prospect’s attention has been caught, it is a matter of pushing him to action by filling out a form, for example, or by requesting a quote, and thus pushing him to buy the product or service. This is what companies call: the conversion of the prospect into a customer.

Goal 3: Build loyalty

It is now necessary to build customer loyalty through, for example, personalized emailing campaigns, newsletters, promotional codes, efficient after-sales service, satisfaction surveys, and web content dedicated to customers (and no longer to prospects).

Not only do you have to make them want to stay, but you also have to make them want to recommend the company to other prospects. For example, by offering them the possibility to rate the company or to leave their opinion, they become ambassadors of the company.

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