Report of the Polynesia’s e-Business Mornings

E-Business Mornings

This event aims to showcase the latest digital trends by bringing big names in the global digital industry to Tahiti. For example, Facebook and Google have already been represented at the SEMs.

For Guillaume Proia, founder of the Vittoria Conseil group, the MEBs are there to provide complementary information to all these companies with these conferences and workshops. The SEM format is very concrete, offering a free lecture each morning and a workshop in the afternoon to put the theory into practice. You will come away with clear information and actions that can be easily applied by professionals.

You can’t think about growth without thinking about mobility

As Guillaume Proia reminds us, “you can’t think about growth without thinking about mobility”. Mobile has changed the way we search for information, find a job and interact with brands…This year’s SEM theme was mobile convergence and brought together 3 players: Olivier Andrieu of Abondance the reference of SEA and SEO, Yannick Myrtil from Linkedin, the professional social network that needs no introduction, and Botnation AI.

In Polynesia 140,000 people (+18 years old) are connected monthly to Facebook Messenger

I had the chance to represent Botnation AI at this event and share my experience in the field of conversational marketing and artificial intelligence applied to chatbots.
As in metropolitan France, the appetite for chatbots is strong in French Polynesia. With 274,000 inhabitants, including 140,000 (+18 years old) connected monthly to Facebook Messenger. Local actors have understood the interest of sticking to these new uses by offering a chatbot on their pages. This is for example the case of Air Tahiti Nui.

More than a hundred people came to my conference. Representatives of large groups, consultants, students, startups.
During my presentation I tried to show (i) the uses and benefits of chatbots applied to companies of all sizes on Messenger and other messaging applications and (ii) that thanks to solutions like Botnation AI the implementation is within the reach of everyone.

Selfie at the end of the conference – Jonathan Chemouny (l), Guillaume Proia (r)

Thanks to a very good organization of Vittoria Conseil, the atmosphere during this conference was excellent. There was great interaction with the participants and when it comes to conversational marketing that’s always better! I regularly give conferences and workshops in companies on the subject of bots and AI and I was very pleasantly surprised by the level of maturity here in Polynesia. The questions were sharp and the interest was real.

So we hope to see chatbots blooming very soon on Polynesian Facebook pages.

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