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Customer service management or CRM is one of the biggest challenges for the development of a company. In serious structures, this is not a detail to be neglected. Understanding consumer behavior and knowing how to anticipate their various actions is to the advantage of the company. Many companies use specific tools to effectively manage the customer information in their databases and those they collect on a daily basis. Read this article to get an idea about the best marketing CRMs to use in business.

The Botnation chatbot

To manage your customer database and the information collected on a daily basis, opt for an efficient CRM tool. For this purpose, think of an autonomous exchange system developed to assist your customers on your digital channels. In order to better satisfy you in this sense, the company Botnation has set up a chatbot easy to install and use.

The CRM offered by this platform helps to initiate prospecting campaigns for businesses through a unique conversational experience. This marketing automation software, for the management of the company’s potential customers, does not require any coding. Yes! The truth is that it can be programmed, in a few clicks, from the official Botnation website. The latter has an ergonomic interface that simplifies the creation process.

The platform has all the tools required to create and follow the creation of your chatbot. The software offered by Botnation can quickly connect to your customer relationship management, but also to the API. It has perfectly adapted connectors and plug-ins for this purpose. For a satisfactory result, take care to save the data collected by the bot in the CRM.

Then, insert the data contained in the API into the chatbot. The goal is to first create funnels, then place the KPIs and finally test the content. You can take into account the recommendations of the Botnation algorithm to improve the software. Moreover, you will have the tools required to analyze and evolve the chatbot.

Agile CRM Software

Use Agile CRM software to reach more contacts and generate more leads for your business. It is an all-in-one program that provides sales automation as well as marketing automation. In turn, you will also be able to manage other services of your company from this same platform. The scope of “Agile” software goes beyond a classically known crm definition.

The interface offers a powerful marketing automation solution for your various sales campaigns. It is very effective in managing customer relations for small and medium-sized companies. It has many analytical and reporting features that will help you track your sales force as well as your customers’ performance.

To optimize the services offered by this automation software to companies, it is possible to link another solution like the Botnation chatbot. This alternative will help the company to better interact with these customers, but also to generate more leads. It will allow for more information to be gathered (for the sales teams) during campaigns.

The teamgate software

Teamgate is one of the best CRM marketing automation software that you can use to collect enough data about your customers. It is a complete and efficient CRM solution for your company. This tool is essentially web-based and can be easily used by your campaign teams.

It should be noted that this solution is designed to simplify and improve the sales process. It has a multitude of smart features that are built into the system to help convert your leads. It also provides enough contacts for your sales teams.

TeamGate is a customer relationship management tool that simplifies the task of sales teams. In addition, it facilitates the management of customer information and the organic growth of your companies.

Company team

The outmind tool with AI

You can use the outmind tool for your marketing CRM. It’s a solution that helps you intelligently manage a customer’s data. The outmind has specific features that allow it to connect to your CRM. These facilitate its connectivity to the various applications designed for the company.

The solution can be used on :

  • Dropbox;
  • Sharepoint ;
  • email.

It also has the ability to connect to your various servers to better manage the data recorded.

You can also link Outmind to other work tools of your teams. It is equipped with artificial intelligence to offer a better power of research of information. In addition, Outmind can be used to consolidate information about a customer.

This CRM marketing automation tool facilitates data storage. For example, there are attachments, documents, team discussions and client files. This program requires little effort to set up, a total of 5 minutes for the configuration. You can use it to find good information about your company as soon as possible.

The complete tool for CRM marketing management Divalto weavy

Divalto weavy is a tool for managing customer relations within a company. It accompanies the establishment from its prospecting campaigns to after-sales service. If you are looking for a solution to generate leads to convert into loyal customers, this is probably the tool to turn to.

It has, without a doubt, the ability to connect to the ERP and to your management software (through a powerful connector). You can easily link it to the Botnation chatbot to better interact with your customers.

Divalto weavy offers multiple solutions. It all depends on your subscription. It is one of the main customer relationship management tools hosted in France. It can be used by service managers as well as sales managers. Field sales teams and sales technicians can also use it by opting for versions designed for tablets and smartphones.

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