5 tips for selling on a Blog

Blogging has become an effective way to generate significant and steady income from Internet sales. This is why implementing a marketing strategy is the right technique. Your competitors are constantly aligning their products with yours, and it is the customers who choose. Generally, they prioritize the most popular products. Therefore, knowing the tricks to succeed in all types of sales on networks, especially on blogs, is important. Let’s take a look at five tips that will help you sell on your blog.

Know your products and the customer’s desires

Knowledge of the products and items you plan to sell is essential. Indeed, the customer, before buying, asks multiple questions about the products you offer. There is no room for hesitation in providing them with the features and characteristics that define your products. In this case, the customer will remain confident and prefer your site over another. This will allow you to generate a good number of sales and attract more customers because of your popularity.
Also, knowing how to target customers is an effective way to succeed in your sales. It can be a simple consumer or a company. The reason is that your potential customers are researching various sites before purchasing a product or item. If your product shows up in your customers’ search results, then your blog will generate more sales and customers.

Know how to communicate on the different social networks

It’s important to know how to communicate on social networks. Selling products on an unknown blog is useless. Also, you must create your network, your community on Internet. To do this, be present in forums, share your site’s link in related publications, comment on your peers’ publications, etc.

It is also essential to answer the questions asked by your blog visitors about your products. For this you can create a chatbot with no-code tools like Botnation. The generated leads will then enter your sales tunnel and your sales chance will increase in parallel to make your business known on all social networks.

Optimize your blog with optimized and relevant content

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The sales tunnel, created by subscribing visitors, is a way for the customer to receive notifications of each new ad. The customer will then open your blog and discover the contents. This is when it is imperative to advertise and rebrand your blog. To do this, you will need:

  • Update old products: replace unattractive products with quality items that meet the customer’s requirements;
  • Make new publications or write new articles corresponding to your new products. Every new product should have an article that describes it perfectly;
  • Create additional content such as tips for buyers to attract more readers and therefore more leads;
  • Promote new offers and services likely to attract a company: the services demanded always change with time. Keep an eye out for changes in new services such as trainings and workshops, which can attract partners.

The referencing of products and articles

This is a necessary step to boost an online sale. Indeed, the more viable your products are on the traffic, the more you will generate partnerships, sales and leads for your website. For the referencing, it will be necessary to take into account several elements like:

  • Product design: Internet users must understand the purpose of the product, as well as the page on your website where it will be displayed. Your product must then have the right design with the essential keywords if your product sheet only offers a short text;
  • The product description: unique content is ideal for optimizing your online site. Indeed, the search results of Internet users are often based on keywords inserted in the article of the website. It is therefore necessary to choose these keywords well, their place in the text so that Internet users can find you in the search engine results.

Joining private websites or groups

You can add to your blog a private (but paying) space for your customers and visitors. This paid space should have engaging content such as online training, unlimited access guides, workshops or monthly courses at a low price. This additional content will allow you to :

  • Interact with your customers and businesses;
  • Share and gain new ideas for your marketing strategy;
  • Prove your expertise;
  • Increase the number of subscribers to your website.

You can check the statistics and know the number of visits to your blog and review your most requested products.

Selling products on a blog is very practical. With a well-developed sales strategy, you can achieve a good turnover. Get inspired by these tips to ensure sustainability, and implement the right technique for better sales of your products.

Amandine Carpentier

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