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In order to build customer loyalty and optimize the company’s turnover, the use of a CRM is crucial. This marketing solution needs no introduction, as its advantages are so diverse and varied. To work, the tool must be integrated with the company’s communication channels. This implementation requires the intervention of a CRM manager. If you would like to know what missions he or she is responsible for, here is what it is.

What is a CRM Manager?

In order to fully understand the job of CRM Manager, it is important to have an overview of the CRM software itself.

CRM software: what you need to know

By definition crm is a tool that contributes to the growth of a company. It is a customer relationship management software. The software allows, for example, to acquire new prospects and to retain the current customers of the structure. The numerous functionalities that the CRM embeds make it an essential marketing tool for a company, whatever its size.

It allows to have the customer data and to make an effective follow-up. The goal is to be able to offer effective support to customers. To build customer loyalty, CRM will create a certain closeness with the customer.

In reality, these management tools are usually equipped with robots that ensure communication with prospects and customers who visit the company’s website. However, they may be limited in their scope of action. Indeed, the degree of understanding of robots, although interesting, can be limited. To facilitate lead acquisition and customer retention, you need to use an intelligent chat bot, which is what the Botnation platform offers.

The proposed chatbot is equipped with an advanced faculty of understanding thanks to artificial intelligence. Therefore, client requests can be decoded, no matter how complex. Basically, the CRM will allow the company to optimize its sales through its various features.

What about the CRM manager?

The name of the job of CRM manager gives a more or less global idea of what it is about. The CRM manager is a professional who takes care of the CRM tools of a company (from their implementation to their use). This professional can also be designated as e-CRM project manager or CRM and loyalty manager.

Indeed, even if a company acquires such a marketing solution, it is not obvious that it can use it without the CRM manager.

The CRM manager is therefore a professional capable of choosing the most suitable management tool for a structure’s project. His mission is to optimize the turnover of the latter, which undoubtedly involves the completion of a number of tasks.

The professional is responsible for collecting customer data. Here, it is not only the contacts that are concerned. The CRM manager, with the help of the software, collects all customer data in order to analyze them. This will allow us to detect dissatisfactions, which will also give us an idea of the improvements to be made in the structure’s offerings.

Depending on the results of the data interpretation, he will be able to adapt the company’s marketing strategies to make them more effective.

To summarize, remember that the CRM manager:

  • chooses the management software according to your company’s project;
  • collects customer data, analyzes it and suggests improvements where necessary;
  • drives the CRM on a daily basis;
  • readjust marketing strategies;
  • deploys new tools as needed;
  • trains sales people in the use of CRM, etc.

In the company, this job is a key position to fill because of its importance.

CRM Manager

Which training to become a CRM manager?

In order to find a job in a company and work as a CRM manager, you need to follow a training course beforehand. With a Master’s degree from a university, it is possible to become a CRM manager. Nevertheless, you will have to specialize in marketing and customer relationship management. You can also enroll in a business school. By choosing this option, training time can be reduced.

When it comes to training centers, you won’t actually be limited in your choices. For example, you can train at the Paris, Lille, Bordeaux, Nantes or Lyon business schools, to name but a few. For example, you can search the internet for a training center if word of mouth hasn’t helped you.

Depending on the length of the training, the skills acquired by the learners may be different. However, the basic knowledge you need to find the job is fully provided.

Finally, the professional working as a CRM manager may experience changes. His salary also depends on it. Thus, this professional can become a customer relationship manager. He also has the necessary skills to hold the positions of brand manager, marketing manager and sales manager.

In addition to the skills you can acquire during training, it would be wise to update yourself as much as possible. Indeed, the web professions are in constant evolution in a context where the needs of the customers are also. To be able to hold a position in the future, you must update your knowledge.

What is the salary of the CRM manager?

Digital jobs have potential, for the most part. These are jobs with good pay as long as you have the required skills. Here, the professional’s salary evolves according to experience.

Therefore, a junior CRM manager can earn up to 35,000 euros gross per year as salary. When he can justify an experience between 5 and 15 years, the case of a confirmed, the salary is between 35 000 and 50 000 euros per year. For an experience of more than 15 years, the case of the seniors, the salary easily reaches 70 000 euros gross per year.

However, these estimates are subject to change. Indeed, it is not only experience that determines the professional’s salary. It can also be influenced by the size of the company.

Under the same conditions: that is, for the same needs, a large company can pay better than a small company. However, this is not systematic. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a job, large marketing agencies may be your first choices.

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