What is a crm project manager and what are his missions?

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Customer relationship management is not trivial and respects codes. It is then necessary that the management is done by a person with real skills. This is where the CRM project manager comes into play. It is an important link in the development chain of any company, even if its missions are not yet very well understood. What is a CRM project manager? What is its role in the company? What are its missions? Find out all about it.

What is a CRM project manager?

The CRM project manager is in charge of the company’s CRM strategy. As a manager, he/she develops the overall CRM strategy and usually works under the supervision of the marketing director (if any) or directly with the company’s CEO. It should be remembered that the crm definition software allows to follow the customers in all directions and to improve the relationship with them.

Thus, the CRM project manager implements all the tools aimed at optimizing the relationship with the customers. Given his functions, he is sometimes called a CRM campaign manager, a CRM consultant, a customer service manager or a CRM manager.

Beware! The CRM project manager does not have the same responsibilities as the CRM analyst. The latter takes care of extraction and data analysis. However, in some cases, CRM project managers are asked to play the role of CRM analyst. Its specifications depend on the size of the company and the budget allocated to this service.

CRM Project Manager

What are the missions of the CRM project manager?

The missions of the customer relationship management project manager are as rich as they are varied. In reality, the exact specifications depend on the company. Thus, the missions of this professional are of several kinds.

Technically, the CRM project manager chooses the CRM tool adapted to the company’s data needs. It defines and collects the essential data at each stage of the customer journey: general information, purchase history, types of subscriptions, etc.

After that, the CRM project manager manages the database and takes care of updating it. It also defines the analysis methods that it will use or that the data analyst must use during the analysis. This information allows us to understand the reactions and behavior of each customer.

Based on this information, the CRM manager defines strategies to improve customer relations and plans their implementation. It assists marketing departments in the execution of marketing campaigns. It also tracks key performance indicators and improves data quality.

Finally, the CRM project manager helps his colleagues in the marketing, sales and service departments to get to grips with the tools and manage the campaigns.

The choice of CRM tools, the chatbot

CRM software is not the only tool used in customer relationship management. It is often combined with a chatbot to ensure a good user experience. The CRM project manager can therefore choose to design a chatbot from scratch using code. However, it is also possible to turn to a no-code solution through chatbot platforms.

To this end, the Botnation platform offers chatbots for all types of businesses. It is therefore possible to create a bot in record time and connect it to the CRM with plugins.

The chatbot data also helps to understand and satisfy customers. The conversational robot therefore plays a major role in converting prospects into customers. Also, the after-sales service is of better quality and customers are more loyal. We notice a real optimization of marketing campaigns, sales and loyalty

What are the skills and qualities of a CRM project manager?

To land a job as a CRM project manager, you need to have skills in several areas. Beyond professional skills, the CRM project manager must have certain qualities. In order to do the job well, it is important that he :

  • has a strong background in traditional marketing, digital marketing, traffic, affiliate marketing and ROI;
  • has a good knowledge of the company’s field of activity and market;
  • has a basic knowledge of computer science in general and of programming languages such as Javascript, SQL, HTML ;
  • has a good knowledge of data visualization;
  • has knowledge of web design;
  • knows how to use email marketing tools.

The qualities of the CRM project manager

As this is a strategic position, the CRM project manager will be required to work under pressure and must be adaptable. He must be a good listener and a real teacher. Don’t forget that the CRM data will be used by different departments. The ability to communicate is therefore essential.

The manager must have good analytical skills and be able to anticipate certain events. Knowing how to report is also very important.

What is the salary of a CRM project manager?

The salary is one of the advantages of the digital project manager job. But the remuneration depends on the company in which he works. Depending on whether he/she is working alone or as part of a team, he/she will see his/her responsibilities increase and his/her salary increase as well.

The CRM project manager’s years of experience in this field or in a position related to marketing also influence the amount of his/her compensation. The salary of the CRM project manager is between 35,000 and 65,000 euros.

In short, the CRM project manager works to improve customer relations and is at the center of the sales and marketing departments. As a result, he plays an important role in the company and participates in business development. Moreover, depending on his or her experience, the CRM project manager may later work as a CRM manager, sales director, brand manager, or even marketing manager. However, its evolution depends on its basic training.

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