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In a world in constant transformation, it is essential for every company to personalize its interactions with its customers in order to better retain them. It is for this very purpose that more and more companies are opting to use CRM software. They allow the company to centralize the interactions between the company and its customers to get to know them better. If you want to understand the whole issue of using CRM, we tell you everything in this article.

What are the challenges of using CRM for companies?

If today, CRMs have become essential tools in the marketing and management strategies of companies, it is because they represent a very beneficial choice. Indeed, at a time when the personalization of customer relations has become a necessity for companies, the CRM definition offers all the advantages of this tool.

The software clearly allows to better follow the commercial procedures and the operations of prospection and development of customer loyalty. The CRM allows to gather a maximum of data on the customers of the companies and to follow the exchanges with them. These numerous features allow companies to better understand their sales potential.

The use of CRM therefore represents a time saving for the company and an opportunity to improve the quality of its marketing and sales strategy. With the evolution of digital technologies, a CRM software can take the place of a real virtual assistant helping the company in the elaboration of personalized offers adapted to the needs of each customer.

In addition, the CRM software allows the company to have a centralized database with information about its customers. It promotes the automation of certain tasks and the personalization of marketing and sales actions. The analysis functionalities of the CRM tool allow for better marketing management.

In short, integrating a CRM project in a company allows to elaborate more relevant and efficient marketing operations, but especially to improve customer follow-up and to facilitate customer loyalty.


How is the choice of CRM a challenge for companies?

It is certainly true that the importance of the CRM tool in companies is no longer to be denied in view of its many features. Nevertheless, the choice of the most suitable software remains a great challenge. An effective CRM tool must be perfectly in line with the company’s marketing strategy.

It must be in line with its vision for the customer and its strategic issues. The choice of CRM software should therefore not be based solely on the number of features that the tool has. If this factor is not taken into account, the integration of the CRM project may fail before it is even proven.

As a business owner, you must understand that adopting a CRM system is not as simple as implementing an IT project. This is a real digital transformation project that will have a huge impact on the company’s performance and on customer loyalty.

To carry out such a project, teams must be involved to support the change through a plan, objectives and limits to be clarified. You need to be able to identify the problems (related to customer relations) that the CRM software’s features should help solve and how to solve them most effectively.

What are the most important CRM functionalities in a company?

To choose the most suitable CRM for your company and your customers, you must necessarily establish the features that will be most useful for your marketing strategy. This starts with centralized data management. This is one of the most important features of the CRM software, as it is used to establish a database with customer records allowing the company to know each of its customers and prospects. In addition to providing you with an overview of your market, the tool allows you to trace the history of customer interactions.

Other important features of the CRM software are sales performance analysis and pipeline management. Through its functionalities, the tool allows the company to better follow its commercial activity, but also to model its sales process.

In addition, we could talk about the possibility of integrating various applications with CRM and more specifically a chatbot. These conversational robots, combined with CRM, are a formidable weapon for improving a company’s customer relations. If we take the example of the robot designed by Botnation, it is able to collect a huge amount of data through personalized exchanges with customers.

These discussions can be about their concerns, their buying habits and the factors that influence their purchasing decisions. These exchanges will allow to fill the CRM database. The chatbot can thus use this data at any time when it is in front of each customer to propose an offer adapted to his profile. This increases sales and ensures customer loyalty.

Other CRM functionalities include customer data segmentation, sales automation, lead attribution and many others. Depending on the company’s needs in terms of personalization, customer relations and sales strategy, the most suitable CRM should be chosen.

How to effectively manage a CRM project?

As you may have understood, managing a CRM project is not an easy task. You should start by appointing a CRM manager who will manage the project and oversee the development of the specifications. It will be necessary to communicate well around the project so that everyone can identify the benefits of CRM for the company.

You need to highlight the use of its features for relationship marketing, sales force improvement and customer relationship tracking. In addition, it will be necessary to organize CRM training for the different sections of the company and also to be able to measure the results of the tool.

Of course, everything must be done step by step and not simultaneously. As you go along, you need to make adjustments to fill in the gaps in the project. Similarly, the results obtained, whether in terms of sales or improved customer relations, must be evaluated.

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