How to integrate a chatbot into your Koban CRM software

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In the digital age, a company that wants to strengthen its relationship with its customers must be able to personalize its services. To do so, integrating a chatbot to their CRM software seems to be the most efficient solution according to some companies. How to associate this tool with your koban CRM? We tell you everything in this article.

What are the challenges of integrating a chatbot with Koban CRM?

If customer relationship is at the center of any marketing strategy, in the digital era, personalization is its main spearhead. A business that has a personal relationship with its customers is more likely to thrive. Today, the quality of customer service is an important criterion that influences consumers’ purchasing decisions. This is the reason why many customer relationship software, especially CRMs, exist today. Koban CRM is undoubtedly one of the best in the field. The tool allows you to save information such as phone numbers, profiles or email addresses.

The problem is that in the majority of cases, the data recovered by companies is no longer used. While well-intentioned, the collection of information is no longer as relevant to businesses. This is because the majority of information is not used to optimize the marketing strategy or the relationship between companies and their customers. Yet, when it comes to service personalization, data mining is the most important step.

It is in this context that chatbots appear. They facilitate the use of the information collected by the CRM tool. When they work in synergy, the chat bot and the koban CRM make it possible to exploit in an efficient, fast and automatic way the information necessary to personalize the customer relationship of a company.

How to connect a chatbot to your koban CRM?

One of the main functionalities of chatbots is to automate the exchanges between a company and its customers. The conversational agent is used to provide information as well as to follow up on an order or a reservation. Its integration with your koban crm software can be done through the API of the latter. It is an application programming interface specific to each CRM and allows them to be connected to other software or services. Thus, the chatbot can easily be integrated with the Koban CRM to exchange data in order to better meet the needs of Internet users.

You can also connect your chatbot and your CRM using webhooks. These are triggers that allow data to be sent from a chatbot to other applications. To better understand these two elements, consider that webhooks is like a message or information sent from one software to another while the API is an opening to receive and understand the message. Both are therefore useful for a perfect integration.

Connecting these two tools via API and webhooks will optimize the performance of your marketing strategy through faster and more personalized responses. In the same way, it will make it possible to revitalize the exchanges between the company and its customers.

Nevertheless, for this combination to be effective enough, it is important to find a well-designed chatbot with many features. For example, you can use Botnation’s which is optimized to integrate easily with your koban CRM software. On the help page of the site, you can find more information on how to use the chatbot and how to successfully integrate it with several tools.

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What are the advantages of integrating a chatbot into your koban CRM software?

The main benefit of connecting these two tools is the personalization of the customer experience. This results in a deeper and stronger bond between a company and its customers. The latter feel more listened to, better accompanied and above all more understood, which makes them easy to retain.

For a commercial company, this means an increase in sales and turnover. A customer personalization strategy based on a combination of a chatbot and a CRM software as efficient as Koban is a real weapon for the evolution of companies.

In addition, it should not be forgotten that messaging is undoubtedly the most appropriate communication channel for building loyalty among young customers. With the evolution of social networks, it is becoming more and more the communication channel of choice for the younger generation. Thanks to the chatbot’s functionalities, the company is more easily able to exchange and collect information from its customers.

Finally, it is also important to note that a more loyal and satisfied customer base means more positive reviews for the company. If the latter relies on reviews in its marketing or sales strategy, it will see its customer base evolve. This will certainly have a positive impact on its reputation and image in the market. Today, it is impossible to claim to be able to dominate a sector of activity if you are not able to integrate these tools into your customer relations strategy.

What future for the Chatbot and Koban CRM duo?

If the combination of koban CRM and chatbot proves to be as effective for companies in the personalized support of their customers and in facilitating their purchasing decision, it could be even more useful in the years to come. Indeed, an integration of the chatbot with the koban software could lead to a two-way collaboration. That is to say that the chatbot could directly use the CRM data to elaborate personalized answers while feeding its database with the elements collected during the exchanges with the customers.

A chatbot as efficient as Botnation’s could optimize the work of sales representatives by drawing information from audio conversations with customers to feed the koban CRM database. Thus, it would save time and efficiency.

This type of chatbot with a multitude of features could allow the company to better know its customers. With the evolutions that AI could bring to the botnation chatbot, the latter could collect data related to the emotions, moods or feelings of Internet users and various other factors (having an influence on the purchase decision) and integrate them into the CRM. This information will later be drawn upon and used in further exchanges to improve the robot’s conversational capabilities.

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