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In order to offer the best services to their customers, many companies use different tools. Among them is the chatbot. It is a bot that manages (in an instantaneous way) the concerns of the visitors of a website. For example, the chatbot of the company Botnation allows to lead a conversation with the customers by bringing all the necessary answers to their requests. Tools like Google Calendar can easily be integrated into a Botnation bot. You will have all the information related to this possibility in this article.

What is Botnation?


Botnation is a company through which you can get an enterprise chatbot. It is a robot that generates a conversation to discuss with your customers and prospects in instant messages, like a chat on social networks for example. You can encounter them in your Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp messengers, but also directly via a website. Thus, chatbots such as Botnation’s bot allow you to be in contact with the company that offers services to its customers.

You can easily ask and find information before buying products, claim, find solutions, make an appointment… The customer follows his conversations with the application or the website of the company to find satisfaction thanks to the advice of the chatbot.

In addition, the prospect does not have to wait hours or minutes for a response. Chatbots respond instantly. In addition, the discussion is done at the client’s pace. It ends when he wants it to.

The use of a chat bot within a company not only improves the user experience, but also promotes the strengthening of customer relations. This web service is beneficial to both the company and the customers.

What is Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is a program that helps you organize, manage and share your calendar data with others. You can insert any birthday program, event, important meeting or doctor’s appointment.

This application has an API made and an easy to understand interface. A company can therefore connect to its customers via the Google CalendarAPI to share a part of its calendar reserved for appointments for example. To do so, it can use its chatbot.

Connect Google Calendar to Botnation?

Botnation’s bot helps create a conversation bot, but it also has a setting to connect it to other external programs. Indeed, with the Zapier plugin, you can connect Google Calendar to Botnation. Thus, thanks to Zapier, you have the possibility to use the features of Google Calendar.

How to connect Google Calendar to Botnation via Zapier?

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To start, you need to go to your chat bot and select the Zapier feature. Then choose “ADD VARIABLE”. This option will ask you to fill in some information before asking you to create a ZAP. You then need to connect the two tools to use the Botnation and Zapier duo and create your first ZAP.

Then, add for example the Google Calendar tool among the many applications available and share your available slots with your prospects. They can then, by being in conversation with the chatbot, make an appointment or search for the date of one of your events.

As a client, however, note that it is also possible to access your service provider’scalendar without necessarily using the Zapier feature. In fact, the Botnation bot has a built-in feature that allows customers to book appointments directly.

The “date and time” function

This feature allows customers to access a calendar and choose a date and time for an appointment through your chatbot. The customer, depending on the desired service, can make a reservation, mention a wedding date… You can use this feature as much on your website as with Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and even Instagram on some chatbots. Combine this functionality when creating your chatbot and modify it according to your preferences.

The “date and time” functionality is visible to visitors in the form of a custom button. By clicking on it, the user will have no trouble finding his way around. The recorded data are accessible in the list of variables. You will be able to access them easily and exploit them without getting lost.

In summary, the Zapier feature allows you to integrate the Google Calendar application into your Botnation chatbot without much difficulty. The user can then easily make an appointment to take advantage of a service of the company. It is also possible to access this feature without Zapier. Just use the “date and time” tool of your Botnation chatbot. Integrating Google Calendar into your Botnation bot makes for a better customer relationship.

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