Why and how to integrate Stripe with your chatbot?

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In recent years, Stripe has become the most popular online payment solution for businesses and startups in the market. If this means of money transfer interests so many people today, it is undoubtedly thanks to its efficiency and reliability. It allows customers to easily (and securely) transact following a purchase or sale of products. To take full advantage of the benefits of this online service, many salespeople are using it via chatbots. So what are the advantages of integrating Stipe into your chatbot? How can you implement such integration?

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How does Stripe work?

Stripe is a payment solution that is relatively simple to use. Indeed, it is a platform specialized in the support of online payments that allows a company to transfer money from the bank account of its customers to its own account. The advantage of this payment service is that it does not require any installation fees or a monthly subscription fee.

Why integrate Stripe into your chatbot?

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Today, chatbots have become indispensable tools for activities related to e-commerce. If you’re wondering what a chatbot is, you should know that these conversational agents are increasingly used because of their usefulness in managing marketing (customer service) and subscriber payments. This automation of payments following product acquisition operations obliges any brand to integrate its robot with a payment service that has proven itself to be successful with customers.

Stripe is a payment service available in several countries

The main reason to integrate Stripe into your chatbot has to do with the popularity of this brand. Indeed, it is available in more than 40 countries around the world. This seems perfect for a company with international customers. In addition, this online payment management service accepts more than 135 currencies, making it easy for customers to pay via robots. Keep in mind that financial barriers, such as currency differences, may prevent a customer from making an item purchase through an automated system.

Stripe accepts several payment methods

Chatbots with the Stripe logo have a very high rating in the market since they are friendly to many payment methods. Customers and subscribers of your e-commerce site can use their credit cards to purchase a product. Another payment solution that the buyer can use is the “transfer” for example.

What is Botnation?

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Botnation is a French platform that offers its customers a tool for creating chatbots. It occupies a considerable place in the market because it offers several possibilities in terms of setting up the bot. You should know that when you create a chatbot via Botnation, the site gives you access to a wide range of features. You can also use several available templates to customize your bots. You can consult them by creating your account.

When it comes to paymentintegration, Stripe is not the only online payment service you can integrate with your virtual agent on Botnation. It is also worth remembering that the integration of this service with your Botnation online chatbot will be done from the creation of the bot on the site.

Integrate Stripe into your chatbot with Botnation

Let’s see how to connect your Botnation bot to Stripe in a few simple steps.

First, go to the “plugin” tab of your chatbot settings to link your Stripe account to your Botnation account. Put the secret keys you find in the developer menu of your Stripe account.

Then add the Stripe button to your chatbot before setting it up (name of the product to sell, product price, product currency…).

In conclusion, Botnation allows you to set up a French chatbot with Stripe to manage payments. Don’t forget that you can do all this on your website, but also on social networks (Facebook page, your Instagram account…)

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