What is a CRM consultant and what is it used for?

Consultant CRM

The use of customer relationship management software is essential for both small and large companies. They are useful for acquiring new prospects and for retaining the company’s customers, which translates into an optimization of its turnover. Nevertheless, their implementation within the system of this same company will be done by the CRM consultant. Who is it really and what are its missions? If you also want to know more about CRM(definition of crm, its role, its usefulness, etc.), you are at the right place.

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CRM: famous customer relationship management tools

The great competition between companies does not leave them much choice. Each company must find the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that best suits its project to hope to stand out from the crowd. Indeed, the CRM will allow to collect the data of the customers and to follow them in an adequate way with an aim of improving at most the management of the customer relationship.

It may sound simple, but in reality, the effectiveness of a CRM also depends on the marketing strategy implemented within the organization.

One of the advantages of CRM is its ability to attract new prospects and convert them into customers. The automatic responses that can be served to them contribute to the success of the operation. For this, the CRM is equipped with a chat bot to ensure conversations with the prospect or customer.

Nevertheless, chatbots in some CRMs may be limited in that they may not understand requests that are formulated with nuances of complexity. Fortunately, Botnation offers chatbots that rely on artificial intelligence to function. These tools can then more easily understand even the most complex requests.

Once prospects can hold coherent discussions, the chances of them being converted are high. Nevertheless, to take advantage of all the benefits of CRM, the company will inevitably need the expertise of a CRM consultant: the Customer Relationship Manager.

CRM Consultant

CRM Consultant: what is this job?

If the use of a CRM is essential within a structure, the CRM consultant is as well. The latter is above all an expert in management software. Depending on the company’s needs, the CRM consultant must choose the management tool adapted to the company’s project.

Indeed, there are many software with different features. By implementing the right management software within the company’s system, the CRM consultant optimizes the results. He can also be a marketing expert. Therefore, he determines the most appropriate strategies for the company’s project and carries them out with the CRM he has chosen.

Basically, the mission of a CRM consultant can be summarized as the choice of a management software and its implementation in order to increase customer loyalty and optimize prospect engagement.

How much can a consultant earn?

Consulting is a relatively well-paid job. The professional is nevertheless remunerated according to the scope of his or her missions in the structure. Indeed, it happens that the professional is only in charge of the implementation of a CRM software and its good functioning.

It is also not uncommon for him to define the marketing strategies to be implemented to optimize the company’s sales. The structure in which they work also influences their salary. The expertise of such a professional can be sought in a digital service company (ESN) using CRM. He can also find a job in marketing agencies and even in structures offering customer relationship management solutions.

Depending on the case, a junior consultant can earn up to 35,000 euros per year with his job. For seniors, it is possible to have annual salaries of up to 65,000 euros.

How to become a CRM consultant?

To exercise this profession, it is necessary to have the required skills. This will only be possible with the right training. After the baccalaureate, several courses of study will allow you to have the required skills.

For example, you can choose a school like HETIC (Hautes études des technologies de l’information et de la communication) for your training. With the Big Data & Digital Marketing master’s program, you will graduate in 4 or 5 years with a consulting degree.

It is also possible to follow a training course at the International School of Management of Paris (EIMP). With a 3-year degree, you will be able to work as a CRM consultant.

What are the skills acquired after training?

Training is necessary for future consultants to acquire the necessary knowledge. But what are they in reality? It is important to remember that these vary from one training school to another. Nevertheless, the competencies are globally similar.

Indeed, the future consultant is able to choose pertinently the CRM which corresponds perfectly to the project of the structure which employs him. Thus, between Salesforce, Axonaut, Hubspot, Zoho, Pipedrive or others, he will be able to recommend the most suitable tools.

It will also be an opportunity for him to develop a perfect knowledge in the management of marketing strategies. Otherwise, it would not be able to implement and manage them. Among other skills, the professional will be able to establish communication plans. Basically, the skills acquired during the training will indirectly allow him to optimize the turnover of the company that solicits him.

Is there a career path for a CRM consultant?

As in most digital professions, the professional working as a CRM consultant can also experience changes. Although the possibilities are not great, it can evolve by accumulating experience.

On the basis of his knowledge, the consultant can claim to hold the position of Marketing Manager within the company. It is also possible to progress to the position of Customer Relationship Manager. It is also not uncommon to see a CRM consultant become a Brand Manager.

However, digital is a sector that is evolving at high speed. The acquired skills can then become obsolete very quickly. Thus, it is recommended to update one’s knowledge to be in line with the real needs of the market.

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