What is the average price for using a CRM?

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In today’s world, CRM has become a must for companies. This tool allows them to boost customer relationships and increase their sales figures. If the use of CRM is very profitable, it is nevertheless a costly solution. Depending on the features chosen, the cost can be more or less exorbitant. Before embarking on such an initiative, it is therefore important to study the costs of a CRM. Here’s an article to help you discover what CRM can cost on average.

What is CRM?

Before talking about the price of a CRM, it is important to understand what it is. For a CRM definition, it is a tool that allows companies to have interactions with customers. It is actually a software that ensures the sending of messages, emails or any other mode of communication with customers.

CRM also allows you to track all service sales relationships through to customer payments. This IT solution is very useful for marketing and customer management. Still called Costumer Relationship Management, this software allows to evaluate the relationship with the customers and to use the data which emerges from it.

This is done with the objective of helping companies to improve their approaches so that their services meet customer expectations.

Why combine a CRM with a Botnation chatbot?

In most organizations, customer service is not always available at certain times of the day. Although this problem is not intentional, it creates a huge loss of revenue for companies. To correct this, software companies such as Botnation have implemented the chatbot.

The chatbot is a web tool that allows you to automatically converse with a customer. Messaging being an essential point of dialogue between an operator and a user, the chatbot is a great help. It is an online robot that automatically responds when a customer sends an email. The purpose of this tool is to replace the human in this function.

The icing on the cake is that it is possible to make it more efficient by combining it with a CRM. This allows us to manage a website from the first contact with the customer to the sale. This is what Botnation offers in most of its services.

To combine CRM software with chatbots, vendors use tools such as Zapier and Webhook. These software programs ensure synchronization between CRM software and the chatbot, increasing its speed and making it more operational.

The cost of designing chatbot software depends on the number of functions that are integrated into it. At Botnation, you have the possibility to order a custom chatbot according to your preferences or to opt for the standard chatbot. The latter is very effective, especially in combination with CRM software.

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The objectives to be achieved, a key criterion for setting the price of a CRM

The price of a CRM is difficult to set without evaluating the objectives to be achieved. In reality, before invoicing you for CRM services, publishers will ask you to present a detailed CRM project.

The project is very important, because it will allow the experts to study all the contours in order to determine what type of CRM you need to acquire. In order to successfully carry out your company’s projects, you will need a fairly powerful CRM software. To do this, your customer relationship management must be adapted to the services you wish to integrate into your marketing strategy.

In customer relationship management, CRM software is used to communicate with users. This solution comes as a relief to companies, as it helps build customer loyalty in order to get them to adopt the services offered.

The CRM marketing project should intelligently develop why you want to have access to a CRM. In this project, you will have to describe the characteristics of your company, the turnover that you wish to make after obtaining the CRM software, etc.

This information will allow the software provider you use to provide you with a CRM tailored specifically to your business. CRM software vendors are experts. They will therefore be able to respond effectively to your needs and carry out an efficient CRM implementation.

If your CRM project is poorly written or inappropriate for the tasks you have assigned to yourself, you will not be able to enjoy your software. In reality, if your CRM does not facilitate the proper management of your staff and does not meet the expectations of your users, you will have thrown away thousands of dollars. It is therefore essential to take your time to write your CRM project correctly.

Criteria for setting the price of a CRM

CRM software is evaluated on certain key points to determine its cost and monthly subscription price.

Price according to the number of users

The number of users is an essential criterion that CRM software publishers use to set the price of realization and the cost of the subscription. The higher the number, the higher the production and subscription costs.

The price according to the features

The functionalities of a CRM software are essential data for the pricing of the tool. If you want to have a powerful enough CRM, you will have to increase your budget. A CRM that has multiple features will have a design price and subscription cost commensurate with the services.

This is why the drafting of the CRM project is important. By properly defining the features you need, you will avoid paying for subscriptions with unused features.

Price according to the number of contacts

Another key factor in determining the cost of CRM software design and subscription is the number of contacts. An efficient CRM is a tool that allows you to reach the largest number of contacts possible during prospecting. Having multiple contacts helps sales, but also doubles the subscription fee.

The cost according to the integrations

CRM integrations are special features that allow CRM software to be combined with other tools to enhance them. These are actually APIs that work with connectors and plugins. To have them, software publishers offer to subscribe to additional subscriptions.

Additional services

The cost of a CRM software subscription can go up depending on the additional services. For example, if you want to join your editor’s support to your CRM (7 days a week, 24 hours a day), this will definitely increase your subscription.

The price according to the type of CRM

There are 3 types of CRM: marketing CRM, sales CRM and customer service CRM. Moreover, for each of these types, there are 4 qualities. As a result, the monthly price of subscriptions can vary from €150 to over €1,500 depending on the quality chosen. For the design, the price of CRM is on average 1 000 €.

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