Create a WhatsApp chatbot without coding: how?

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It is important to understand that customer experience has become the center of any successful strategy. In other words, to improve your company’s performance, you must improve your customers’ satisfaction. Today, it is necessary to offer convenient contact options so that consumers can make their purchases in a simple way. When you think about it, having a chatbot on WhatsApp can be a great solution. After all, the application is one of the most popular in France and in the world. Is it possible to create a WhatsApp chatbot without coding? Continue reading this blog post and learn more about the potential of this innovative WhatsApp chatbot tool.

The preliminary phase for creating a WhatsApp chatbot

First of all, you need to get theWhatsApp Business API, which is the official WhatsApp solution. From there, simply follow the steps below.

Know your target audience

On the face of it, the chatbot for WhatsApp has the ability to perform various tasks and solve the most common queries of your customers. In other words, it sends the right message, at the right time, to the right person. However, the robot must be well planned and developed, based on customer information such as:

  • The language type of your target audience;
  • Customer needs and habits;
  • Customer Service History;
  • Demographics;
  • Geolocation.

This way, you can create effective strategies for customer service via WhatsApp chatbot.

Define your WhatsApp chatbot strategy

Above all, it is the strategic role you choose that will define the direction of your WhatsApp chatbot’s interactions. Therefore, set a goal. Will the robot be used to qualify prospects? To answer the FAQ? In short, your strategy should be developed with two things in mind, namely the problems to be solved by the chatbot and the features of the chatbot that can help solve that problem.

WhatsApp chatbot design (without coding)

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Once the strategy is defined, design the interactions based on the customer information we have listed and answer the questions:

  • What are the main questions from customers?
  • How will the chatbot react when it does not know the answer?
  • Should the flow of the conversation be free or guided?
  • What is the most appropriate tone of language?

It is possible to create a more natural dialogue with the answers obtained. Also, when designing the flow of the conversation, be sure to use the elements below.

The chatbot menu

First of all, it is an essential element at the very beginning of the conversation, after the welcome greeting. In addition, the menu should be concise, straightforward and the items listed should be easy for the user to understand. This way, people can choose between typing the item or the number corresponding to that option.

Frequently asked questions

Questions that generate “Yes” or “No” answers are a great way to understand the customer’s needs. After all, this way everything becomes clearer, and it is easier to take the conversation further. It is important to remember that the user’s responses may have several variations such as “ok”, “fine”, “I want”, “I’m not interested”, etc. In this sense, the chatbot must be trained by artificial intelligence to understand the different reactions.

Breaking the flow of conversation

Currently, chatbot errors are the messages that seek to work around the situation, when the bot has no response. They must therefore be carefully formulated to keep the user in the conversation. Finally, it is important to provide options to return to the menu, redirect to another stream or transfer to a human agent.


As of now, in order for consumers to interact seamlessly with the WhatsApp chatbot, it is essential to provide guidance during the conversation. See examples.

  • Tap Menu to see all the options again;
  • Tap Home to return to the previous menu;
  • If you prefer to chat with one of my human colleagues, just type “I want to talk to a human” at any time.

Other approaches are also available.

Create your chatbot without coding with Botnation

Once you have planned your chatbot requirements, you can move on to the design stage of the conversational agent. For this, the best solution is to delegate the work to an agency specialized in chatbot development, such as Botnation.

We can create the WhatsApp chatbot you want. If you want to create a WhatsApp chatbot, contact us now to tell us about your chatbot creation project.

Benefits of using a chatbot for WhatsApp

The chat bot for WhatsApp has several advantages for replying to WhatsApp messages. In addition to being in the channel most used by customers, you will optimize your company’s service. Faced with difficulties in meeting high customer service demands, several companies have used an effective tool to build a chatbot to automate the process. The gains exceeded what was expected. All in all, the chatbot can :

  • Reduce average service time by more than 30 minutes;
  • Reduce response time by more than an hour;
  • Increase the conversion rate by 20%;
  • Respond to 100% of the questions asked via WhatsApp.

The chatbot for WhatsApp is a very vital tool to optimize the returns of a business. The process of creating without coding is quite simple and convenient.

Want to create a WhatsApp chatbot? Contact us now to learn more about our conversational agent development solutions for WhatsApp Business API.

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