How to create a chatbot easily, for free and without coding?

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For any company, communication with customers is essential for their satisfaction. This requires time and a permanent presence. Unfortunately, it is not easy to be always available to dedicate oneself to this task. This is precisely why a computerized chatbot has all its reasons to be. This web service offers answers to users’ concerns and makes them feel privileged. You want to create your own conversational robot? Read this article to know how to create a chatbot easily, for free and without coding.

Chatbot : definition

The chatbot is an alternative increasingly used by companies. It is a smart messaging application. The chatbot is also referred to as a conversational interface set up to make complex and sometimes tedious tasks easier. Indeed, chatbots perform tasks such as taking online orders, collecting addresses, proposing services or products for sale, searching for information online, etc.

Chatbots are becoming more and more sophisticated and provide satisfactory answers to users’ needs. For the customer of a company with a chatbot, it will be easier for him to access the company’s information, whether it is about its products or about a particular service.

This programmed bot therefore offers the customer the possibility to find answers to their concerns in record time. Also, this conversational agent aims to improve the user experience. To help you set up a chatbot for free in your company, several chatbot creation platforms are available such as the one from Botnation.

Designing a chatbot: tips

taking notes of tips

For customer satisfaction, the implementation of a conversational marketing strategy is important. This requires the creation of a chatbot. You don’t need to be a specialist to create this bot. You just have to want to do it and follow a few steps.

Choose a suitable site

If you want to learn more about “how to create a chatbot”, you’re in the right place. To design a bot easily, for free and without code, you must choose a specialized platform. There are several of them. Botnation is an example.

These specialized platforms show you how to create a chatbot on Facebook, but also how to create a chatbot on Messenger. To go further, some of these platforms help you create chatbots on Telegram and on a website.

Follow some important steps

Many solutions have been put in place by designers to easily create a custom chatbot. The way to do this is to use artificial intelligence technologies. Thanks to the latter, the chatbot understands more easily the questions submitted to it. Thus, this conversational bot is able to serve clear answers to customers. The creation of a free chatbot is done through the following steps:

  • The definition of the chatbot’s objectives
  • Determining the needs of users and prospects
  • The definition of conversational scenarios
  • The setting of the artificial intelligence

Finally, you can test the chat. Indeed, you need to make sure that it works properly and responds very well to the user’s concerns. It will therefore be necessary to supervise the chatbot after its creation. Improvements could be made if you notice any flaws.

Design a chatbot on Facebook or Messenger without coding


Designing a free chatbot without coding with Botnation is relatively easy. The platform provides you with many pre-configured templates to simplify the creation of your conversational bot. To do this, before setting up the chat, a preliminary action must be taken. It is a matter of choosing the medium on which the chatbot will be integrated. As mentioned above, a purpose must be given to the cat. The choice of the support must be made according to the objective defined at the beginning.

After choosing the model, the customization of the cat can be done through the visual editor that appears. The customizations that can be made include: adapting the tone, vocabulary, questions and answers. On the other hand, for people with some experience, the creation of the chat without prior recourse to a model is possible.

Autonomization of the chatbot

The chatbot can be automated to provide answers to recurring user questions. It can also be automated to make appointments, etc. It is possible to automate the chatbot with customer information. However, this can only be done if they are already available in your database.

Indeed, the automation of the chatbot allows to make the discussion warm, attractive and human between the tool and the user. The exchanges with customers are therefore more relevant. Clearly, beyond creating your chatbot easily, for free and without coding, you will gain and keep your customers.

Just choose a good platform, follow some steps and you’re done. You have at your disposal the necessary information on how to create a chatbot and how to automate it.

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