Hubspot crm: why link it to a chatbot?

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In France, online commerce generated a revenue of 129 billion euros for all e-retailers in 2021. This compares to a 15% increase in 2020. Today, the wide use of telephones or computers is an important lever in the success of online commerce. In addition, the prevailing tough competition makes salespeople turn to the marketing hub to attract leads and retain customers. In this context, the use of CRMs like hubspot becomes inevitable. Moreover, even if these marketing strategy management tools allow the company to have the upper hand on its customers, linking them to a chatbot guarantees more results.

Hubspot: a CRM known to salespeople

In today’s environment, customers have many offers to choose from. From then on, they can compare them to choose the ones that are best suited to their needs. Each company that offers products or services will have to implement marketing strategy management tools (marketing hub) to attract leads and retain customers.

The term CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. In French, it is defined as customer relationship management (CRM) software. There are several types on the market. Hubspot is nevertheless one of the most popular CRMs.

This marketing management tool (marketing hub) includes many features that allow companies to better manage their sales strategies. With a CRM like hubspot, the company can record the contacts of leads that can become customers. It can also be used to record transactions, schedule workflows, and contact leads via calls or messaging.

Based on the data collected, the company can assign customized tasks to its sales teams. The latter will therefore be able to concentrate on activities that have a high added value for the structure.

On the other hand, e-mailing campaigns are not necessarily the most recommended in a sales process. Indeed, when emails are sent to customers or prospects, they do not necessarily respond. There is no doubt that a crm software like hubspot is a relevant marketing management tool in many ways. However, you need to find a more pragmatic way to get in touch with your prospects or customers.

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Linking your Hubspot CRM to a chatbot: some reasons

The hubspot CRM has many interesting features. Thus, there are many reasons why a salesperson might choose to link their Hubspot CRM to a chatbot.

A link to create a connection with customers

A hubpsot CRM can collect data that can help salespeople measure the reach of their marketing campaigns. It will also allow them to contact prospects. Here, the mail is the most used means. In the current context, the prospect who has a need will look for immediate answers to his concerns. When a digital company is not able to provide solutions, the customer is ready to go to the competition.

One of the ways to keep the attention of leads (prospects) is to start a discussion as soon as they visit your websites. This is where the chatbot comes into play. It is a conversational robot whose goal is to discuss in real time with your prospects or customers. One of the reasons why you can use it is because of the connection it creates with your website visitors.

These are marketing management crm tools that can provide instant responses to customers, a way to attract prospects and build loyalty.

An association dedicated to improving the customer experience

Through its operation, the chatbot provides consistent information to users. They can get information about the product or service offered by the company from different terminals. This can be from whatsApp, Facebook, or directly from your website.

Indeed, the chatbot is a marketing tool that can chat with your customers 24 hours a day. In a classical way, a conversation robot deployed by a company will aim at answering questions that customers usually ask.

However, chatbots like those created by Botnation, rely on artificial intelligence, to hold relevant conversations and therefore provide consistent answers to customer questions. To be precise, the bots can speak different languages, which greatly improves the shopping experience for foreign customers.

A link that will save your service department time

Most chatbots today are independent. These robots can accompany the customer in his quest for information in complete autonomy. In turn, your after-sales service will benefit. Your sales teams no longer have to answer frequently asked questions: chatbots take care of it. As a result, the productivity of the after-sales service is increased tenfold as soon as you link your hubspot CRM to a conversational robot.

Create or buy a chatbot: which solution to choose?

Contrary to what you might think, using a chatbot will not necessarily cost you money, as there are free but limited services available. On the other hand, if you want to save time in your marketing management process, you can buy a conversational bot. It can cost between 500 and 2000 euros, depending on the case. When your company can afford it, there will be no question of turning to the first proposals.

Keep in mind that the chatbot will allow you to improve your marketing strategies only if it is well designed. To do this, you need to learn about companies that are known for offering effective chatbots. For example, reviews from other customers can be helpful.

On the other hand, the acquisition price of chatbots can be prohibitive for small companies. Fortunately, it is possible to create your own conversational robot. This is the possibility that Botnation offers you. The site provides users with a platform that will allow them to set up their chatbot for free. Again, no coding knowledge is required.

On the site, you have the possibility to set up your chatbot from existing templates. For more customization, however, you can follow the tutorials available on the platform. In a few minutes, you will have a bot that you can link to your hubspot CRM in order to get more qualified leads.

With hub marketing (which calls for the use of not only CRMs like hubspot, but also chatbots), you are able to make your business more profitable. Basically, by linking your conversational bot to a CRM on your online site, it will allow you to optimize your sales.

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