Activate a Google Home / Google Assistant account

Here is the procedure to follow to “link” your Google Home / Assistant account to BOTNATION

For the moment only the voice mode (Google Home) is available, but works perfectly also on Google Assistant.

You need to have a Google Developer Account. Sign in to Google Actions Console

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You must use a real Google GMAIL account (, not an enterprise Google App account, the tests would be complicated to perform due to the security restrictions of Google Enterprise accounts.

Click on the “Actions Console” button and then accept ALL account creation permissions.

once again you have to connect with a real Google account ( and not a Google App access with your own domain, the domain must absolutely be

Then click on “Add a Project”.

Then give your project a name and select the language in which you want it to be available.

On the next page, click on the wheel at the top of the menu, then open the Project Settings.

Then note the project ID, ideally select it and copy it to be sure not to confuse, forget or reverse any characters.

You will also need to provide textual elements of presentation of your service and graphics to Google.

Prepare in advance, an icon (appearing in Google Assistant) and a banner.

  • Large banner image (1920 x 1080)
  • Small square logo (192 x 192)

Transparent PNG format preferred.

Please contact us to give us your project ID so that we can activate it on our side and make the SDK actions available.

This ID will allow us to tell Google that calls to your Google Home chatbot should be redirected to BOTNATION.

We will need to talk to you in order to complete this step, send you the Google key, and verify the correct configuration.

This operation requires a personalized human intervention of our team and is only available for BOTNATION AI accounts with an Elite or Enterprise subscription. (excluding trial period or use of a free coupon).

We invite you to verify that you have a current subscription before contacting us. This feature is currently limited to a small number of users “by invitation” in order to get feedback. We therefore restrict access and may place you on a waiting list for specific treatment.

Please also note that only a test bot will be available at this stage for this developer account, not available to other users not identified as testers on your project

For a chatbot to be available to all Google Home / Assistant users it must be tested and validated beforehand by the Google team and that it respects all the associated rules, as for mobile application on the Apple Store. This delay can be from a few days to several weeks – once your bot is finalized – and Google gives itself the right to refuse projects.

You will find “some” recommendations from Google at this address:

Import / Export Google Sheets data

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