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Botnation Wins Award for Best Conversational Device

Algeco noticed + 32% rise in requests for quotations and card downloads which is directly linked to a much better engagement of the audience through the chatbot.

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Bank of Polynesia: feedback on its chatbot Atea.

Head of the Multimedia Customer Relations Center within the Bank of Polynesia, a subsidiary of Societe Generale Group in French Polynesia, Nina Morgenstern shares her feedback and recommendations on creating and managing a chatbot.

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Botnation joins Facebook's Startup Garage

Inaugurated in January 2017 by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, the "Startup Garage from Facebook" is Facebook's first global initiative dedicated to supporting new French nuggets at the forefront of innovation to create useful services to everyday life.

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Towards an effective ChatBot (Part 1)

L'équipe de BOTNATION, présente dès l’émergence de cette révolution conversationnelle, a décidé de partager avec vous une liste de bonnes pratiques qui rendront les interactions avec votre ChatBot plus efficaces.

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The Poolcare chatbot accompanies pool professionals

"The first results are very positive and confirm the usefulness of our chatbot" 🏊
Passionate about chatbots, Jérémie GAMER created the Poolcare startup to support pool professionals on a daily basis in the management of customer relations.

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The benefits of a chatbot for B2B prospecting

Mehdi Boudjemaa, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) Manager within the AWE Agency, shares his feedback on the design of a chatbot for B2B prospecting on BOTNATION.

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