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BOTNATION AI will scale with you as your business grows.


100% risk free
No credit card required
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  • No limitation in chatbot creation
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  • No limitation in chatbot testing
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  • Chatbot disabled on your Facebook page and website


No overages fee
up to 250 users
No overages fee
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  • Activation of your chatbot unlimited on Facebook pages and website


Growing with you
1000 users
then 0.03€ / user
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  • Activation of your chatbot unlimited on Facebook pages and website
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  • Collaborative mode
  • +
  • Contextual AI
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  • Analytics provided by Chatbase or Dashbot
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  • Google Assistant access
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All prices are VAT excluded. Please note that if your legal entity is located in EEC you will add VAT.

More than 50 000 users?

Please contact us to arrange custom pricing.

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Pricing FAQs

Not at all. We've built a very easy chabtot building platform. You will find templates and demos to help you getting started.
No. We only need you connect with Facebook or Google, then you will be able to start building your first chatbot for free. We will never have access to your password from Facebook and Google.
A user is a unique person having chatted with your bot, regardless the number of messages. We will bill only unique users not the messages meaning that you can get as much messages as you need!
You can remove users who haven't interacted with in a long time. Please note that deleting users removes them and any variables or information they've had/shared with your bot from Botnation.
Your chatbots will not be interrupted! Chatbots will continue to respond to users included in your plan but will no longer respond to users outside your plan. You will need to delete users or simply upgrade to a higher plan
There is no commitment contract with BOTNATION AI. You may cancel or change your plan for the next billing cycle when you want.
Actually, that's good news, and it means that your chatbot is successful! If you are on a paying plan, we will send you alerts by e-mail and additional users will be billed depending on your monthly plan until your next billing cycle starts or until you decide to upgrade your account.
Try before invest. Start for free and if you quickly exceed 50'000 users, contact us for a pricing based on your specific volume.
We can accept all major debit and credit cards, and (in select countries) direct debit. All payments are done and secured by Stripe.
You can enter your coupon code when you subscribe to a paid offer.
Feel free to visit our help center : help.botnation.ai. You can also contact us via the online support tool available on the interface.

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