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Unlimited Chatbots
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Dedicated account manager
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Unlimited Chatbots
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All Features Included:
Unlimited Chatbots, Unlimited Collaborators, Livechat, Webhooks, GoogleSheets, OpenAI, Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Gmail, Zapier, Stripe, Polls, Funnels and many others
Credit-consuming features:
Custom AI from your documentation, Chat-GPT integration, Dall-e integration and SMS sending
1 000
Or 1K OpenAI GPT3.5 requests
Or 1K requests on a Customized AI
Or 500 advanced queries on a Customized AI
Or 500 custom AI lines
Or 100 OpenAI GPT4.0 requests
Or 50 DallE 3 requests
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7 000
Or 7K OpenAI GPT3.5 requests
Or 7K requests on a Customized AI
Or 3.5K advanced queries on a Customized AI
Or 3.5K custom AI lines
Or 700 OpenAI GPT4.0 requests
Or 350 DallE 3 requests
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15 000
Or 15K OpenAI GPT3.5 requests
Or 15K requests on a Customized AI
Or 7.5K advanced queries on a Customized AI
Or 7.5K custom AI lines
Or 1.5K OpenAI GPT4.0 requests
Or 750 DallE 3 requests
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50 000
Or 50K OpenAI GPT3.5 requests
Or 50K requests on a Customized AI
Or 25K advanced queries on a Customized AI
Or 25K custom AI lines
Or 5K OpenAI GPT4.0 requests
Or 2.5K DallE 3 requests
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Cost of an out-of-bundle conversation: / conversation / month
All prices are VAT excluded. Please note that if your legal entity is located in EEC you will add VAT.

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Pricing FAQs

    Do I need any special skills to create a chatbot with BOTNATION AI?

    No, not at all ;) We have designed a very easy platform. On the interface you will find examples (templates) which will help you get started and create your chatbot easily!

    Do I need my bank card to register?

    No, we only need you to log in with your Facebook, Google or email account. We are compatible with double authentication solutions (2FA). You can immediately create your first chatbot for free and test. Facebook and Google will never give us your passwords, everything happens very securely.

    What is a conversation?

    A conversation is a set of messages exchanged between the user and your chatbot. A conversation has an unlimited duration and number of messages. We only charge for unique conversations, not for messages exchanged.

    Can I delete existing conversations?

    You can delete conversations outside of the current subscription period and please note that in this case we will permanently delete all information about these conversations and all saved variables will be permanently lost.

    Is there a long-term commitment?

    No, it's without obligation. You can change or cancel your plan for the following month whenever you want.

    What happens when I exceed my conversation allowance?

    This is good news, it means that your chatbot is enjoying great success! If you are on a paid plan, we will send you several alerts and additional conversations will simply be billed according to your offer or 'a more economical offer if you wish to change it.

    Do you have a special offer for very high volume chatbots?

    Test the platform for free, enjoy it then if you quickly exceed 50,000 conversations, contact us so that we can offer you a suitable offer with personalized support.

    What are the payment methods?

    We accept most bank or debit cards and for certain countries direct debit. Payments are managed and secured by Stripe, the world leader in online payments. With the Enterprise offer, we accept direct debits, administrative payments and transfers.

    I have a promo code where should I use it?

    You can indicate your promo code when subscribing to a paid offer.

    I don't see an answer to my question.

    Feel free to consult our online documentation: or contact us via the online support tool available on the interface.
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